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Remarkable, the Chrysler Corporation introduce a record player for the car!
I found a list of the curious discs that were produced especially for this gadget, and a good write up on this and similar innovations.
I have no idea how well this hi-fi phonograph would have performed on the dirt tracks of yore.
Maybe someone out there remembers listening to a Highway ?



  1. No, I never did hear or see one, but just the idea that they made them (hell, it's good enough for me that they had the concepts and did the ads) is good enough for this vinyl mainliner. I am relatively new to the Bossa Nova (an inkling a couple of years ago has moved to serious addiction/collection over the last year…..everyone who knows me is just shaking their heads). But anyway, I look forward to spending some time on your blog and with some of your musical suggestions. Enjoy your vacation.John P

  2. John PI have to let you know that you have saved Kartoshka 167. Whilst I was away I was reflecting on the lack of response that this site was getting, and considering stopping it. Thank you for taking the time to comment and enjoy the music.I'm sure you are aware of Loronix blog? If not check it out- fantastic Brazilian music best wishes.

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