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Mattinho is often scathing in his criticisms of my musical tastes. He dismisses the soothing rhythms as ‘cruise ship music’- to quote him-‘on a cruise ship there are two things you have to watch out for, food poisoning and the bossa nova’. I enjoy watching him lapse into torpor on the sofa when I am listening to a lovely record by Joao Gilberto or Tom Jobim. But of course he is right, Bossa Nova isn’t everything.
So here is a record from Mattinho’s immaculately catalogued collection:

Slum Dunk Presents Funk Carioca mixed by Tetine

The music of choice in the favelas is ‘Rio funk’. A hard-edged dance style of screeching rap and booty-shaking beats, this is the bastard child of Miami bass, which arrived here in the mid-1980s and went native– Alex Bellos



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