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Luiz Bonfá (1922 – 2001) was a Brazilian guitarist and composer who reached a global audience via his association with Marcel Camus’ legendary film Orfeu Negro (1959).
Bonfá was essentially an exponent samba-canção style that predated the arrival of the more refined subdued bossa nova style. When Camus’ film and artists such as Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd did much to bring Brazilian popular music to the attention of the world, Bonfá became a highly visible ambassador of Brazilian music in the United States , where he lived from the early 1960s until 1975. He was on the bill of the famous 1962 Bossa Nova concert at New York’s Carnegie Hall (coming soon!).

On this LP, recorded in 1968, we have the epitome of 1960’s easy listening.
Luiz Bonfá on guitar, vocal
Eumir Deodato on piano, organ
Ron Carter on bass
Dom Um Romão on drums
Marvin Stamm on trumpet
Maria Helena Toledo on vocal

There is a really good Bonfá discography at this site:


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