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We have mentioned before the importance of guitarist and composer Luiz Bonfá (1922 – 2001) in the evolution of the Bossa Nova genre.
In 1996 he was in the studio with carioca Ithamara Koorax recording a selection of his works.

It’s an honor and a privilege to work with such a great artist as Ithamara, one of the best singers in the world-Luiz Bonfá.
Some impressive talents on show here:

Torcuato Mariano -acoustic guitar, keyboards (also arranger)
Deodato – piano,keyboards (also arranger)
Larry Coryell -electric guitar
Sidinho Moreira- percussion
Jamil Joanes -electric bass
Marcos Suzano -percussion
Ithamara Koorax -vocals
Shigeharu Sasago -acoustic guitar
Luiz Bonfá -acoustic guitar (also arranger)
Nelson Ângelo -acoustic guitar
Carlos Bala -drums
Arnaldo DeSouteiro -percussion
Ron Carter- acoustic bass
Sadao Watanabe -alto sax
Ivan Conti -drums
Paulo Malaguti -keyboards
Arnaldo DeSouteiro -arranger/producer


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  1. Awesome! Thanks a lot!

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