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Wanda de Sah (sometimes known as Wanda Sá), enrolled at Roberto Menescal’s guitar academy at 13 . She went on to appear on the TV programmes Dois no Balanço (TV Excelsior) and O Fino da Bossa (TV Record). Wanda turned professional at 19 with the LP Wanda Vagamente (1964), one of Eumir Deodato’s earliest arrangement credits. Wanda had already had a number of hits in Brazil by the time she joined Sérgio Mendes’ Brasil ’65 .

In 1966 she recorded this LP in the U.S.A. The record was aimed at the American audience who were being seduced by the ‘new sound’ from Brazil, the numbers being mostly Bossa standards – some Brasil ’65 songs as well as Jobim and Getz/Gilberto compositions, would have already been familiar to North American listeners. The backing was provided by Capitol Records studio musicians, arranged by Jack Marshall and produced by David Cavanaugh, best known for his work with Frank Sinatra.



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