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My uncle was a lover of new technology, particularly in the field of home entertainment. He was the first person I knew to own a colour television. Not all the programmes were broadcast in colour, of course. But the first time I saw the colour TV I was mesmerised. It seems hard to believe in these high definition days that the majority of ordinary people settled for monochrome sets well into the 1970’s.

When was Colour TV introduced in your country? Check the list…
1950 United States
1958 Cuba (suspended until 1975 following the 1959 revolution)
1960 Japan
1963 Mexico
1966 Philippines, Canada ( Colour broadcasts from the United States were available from 1953)
1967 United Kingdom, France, West Germany
1968 Soviet Union, Netherlands
1969 Denmark, Ireland (Colour broadcasts from United Kingdom available from 1967)
1970 Sweden
1971 Yugoslavia, Belgium, Poland
1972 Brazil
1973 New Zealand
1975 Australia, Spain
1977 Italy colour broadcasts were available from abroad since 1967.
1980 Portugal, Argentina
1981 South Korea
1982 Pakistan, India
1984 Turkey



  1. The first time I actually saw color TV would have been about 1964 at a friend's house. My family got one the following year. My dad was always fiddling with the "Color" and "Tint" knobs – but it didn't help. People's faces were usually a shade of green not found in nature. I don't think televisions have those controls anymore – all automatically adjusted.Your list says the US has had color TV since 1950 – I feel bad for those that bought them then, since there certainly weren't color programs being broadcast, to my knowledge!

  2. Hi Sherri- thanks for taking the time… from what I can find the technology was available in 1950 – other sources date it to 1953- the first programmes came in 1954 ( a colour set then cost about $10,000 in today's money!!!)

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