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Hello again! Well, in the time I have been away картошка167 has passed its first anniversary! Thank you all for your support.

Here is O Samba, volume two of the Brazil Classics series, compiled by David Byrne of Talking Heads fame...
1. A Deusa dos Orixas – Clara Nunes
2. Ijexa (Filhos de Grandhy) – Clara Nunes
3. S. P. C. – Zeca Pagodinho

4. Sufoco – Alcione

5. Formosa – Ciro Monteiro
6. Olere Camara – Alcione
7. O Encanto Do Gantois – Beth Carvalho

8. Aldeia de Okarimbe – Negunino Da Beija Flor

9. E Preciso Muito Amor – Chico Da Silva

10 Caxambu – Almir Guineto

11. Quem Me Guia – Almir Guineto

12. Ela Nao Gosta de Mim – Agepe

3. Claustrofobia – Martinho Da Vila
14. Batuca No Chao – Martinho Da Vila

15. Sarou Para Ramades – Paulinho DaViola




  1. Congratulations on your first year! A one year old is ready for potty training! 🙂

  2. Birthday-Anniversary….Cograts on your first year, you must be very pleased with such an eclectic blog,but it works really well….and the music is really top drawer !!Niall

  3. Thanks for your kind words my friends.

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