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Category Archives: Burlesque

I don’t for one minute imagine that this book was produced for anything other than titillation purposes.
However, $500 a week? Might be worth a look,
and what about Tempest Storm? sounds interesting…

Born in 1928, Annie Blanche Banks went to Hollywood as a 20 year old, working as a chorus girl and cocktail waitress. She moved into Burlesque, tempted by a $60 a week wage, and adopted the name Tempest Storm in 1950. She went on to star in a number of Burlesque movies, working with legends such as Russ Meyer and Irving Klaw. She allegedly insured her breasts for one million dollars. A tour of the Burlesque venues of San Francisco between September’57 and Spring ’58 landed her $100,000. Storm officially retired in 1995 at the age of 67, but has done occasional stage performances since, notably a show in 1999 at San Francisco’s O’Farrell Theatre to mark the club’s 30th anniversary, on which the mayor of San Francisco declared “Tempest Storm Day” in her honour.
So maybe, with the opportunity of making big money and with a degree of job security it was a viable career move after all, and Strippers School Book may have proved to have been $2.98 well spent ?