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I didn’t study; I live… Eric Cantona

No sardines, no trawler…
Anybody who was fortunate enough to have watched top flight English football between 1992 and 1997 will have seen a genius at work. That they might not like to admit it could be down to two things-the jealous dislike of the club for which this genius was displayed and the nature of the man himself. It would certainly not be down to his attributes as a player, but here was an obvious chanel for the English distrust of otherness, of cleverness. The spirit of Rimbaud, of Camus’ Mersault, of Raoul Vaneigem. Cantona, with imperious confidence in his convictions- is it, after all, only a game?; The British public would rather their Gazzas.

During his six seasons in England Cantona collected 5 league champions medals and two FA cup winners medals- in 1992 he took Leeds United to their first championship for 18yrs, in 1993 he was instrumental in Manchester United securing top spot for the first time in 26 years…
Despite a widely held belief to the contrary Cantona did enjoy some success at international level- he represented France 45 times and scored 20 goals before he pissed the authorities off irredeemably.