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Keep up to date with the match in Valencia here:

Bobby Fischer (white) vs Fidel Castro (black)?

In the the XVII World Chess Olympiad in Havana (1966) Castro was actually playing against Filiberto Terrazas of Mexico- however, when Soviet player Tigran Petrosian began to assist the Prime Minister , Terrazas asked the passing Fischer for a bit of help.

Here Prime Minister Castro is playing against Petrosian , in a simultaneous challenge.

Chess grandmasters have often taken on the challenge of playing under some form of handicap(for example- allowing their opponents to always play white, removing certain pieces at the beginning of the game or playing without sight of the board). Here GM Lev Alburt has exposed himself to a rather novel handicap- playing with the distraction of a lovely blonde perched by his side…

On reflection she is probably there to distract his opponent. I’m sure Spassky once tried something similar…

Here, in two instalments, is V.I Pudovkin’s 1925 classic Chess Fever.
World champion José Raúl Capablanca makes an appearance, and scenes were shot at the Moscow International tournament of 1925, featuring other leading players of the day.