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Category Archives: Claudia Telles

Not for the purists, perhaps, but here’s one for your new year’s parties…

This LP is from 1999- so by Kartoshka standards it is virtually brand new!
Bossacucanova are:
Márcio Menescal – bass
Marcelinho da Lua/DJ Dalua- turntables
Alexandre Moreira- keyboards

The trio were studio technicians working with bossa artists such as Carlos Lyra, Wanda Sá and Roberto Menescal (Márcio Menescal’s father).

We loved those songs, but we were also listening to funk, hip hop and acid jazz , says Márcio.

Features: Carlos Lyra, Wanda Sá, Roberto Menescal, Astrud Gilberto, Silvio Cezar, Claudia Telles, Os Cariocas, Cris Delanno