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The 1994 World Cup Finals started and ended with dreadful penalties- the first was taken by soul diva Diana Ross at the opening ceremony, the last by Roberto Baggio in the final itself. Both sailed harmlessly wide of their target.A great tournament but a not so great final.
141 goals were scored at an average of 2.7 per match, but none in the final for the only time in World Cup history.
Bigger stadiums allowed an average attendance of 69,000, breaking records that had stood since 1950. The total attendance of almost 3.6 million remains the highest in World Cup history.
Oleg Salenko of Russia became the first player to score five goals in a single World Cup match as Russia ran out 6–1 winners against Cameroon.
Only 3 of the 15 knockout phase matches went to penalties- sadly the final was one of them.
Themed goal celebrations appeared when Bebeto marked the birth of his baby with his ‘cradle’ celebration, (along with Romário and Mazinho) in the game against the Netherlands. The Brazil players also made a memorable spectacle when they took to the pitch hand in hand.
The U.S.A v Switzerland match in the Pontiac Silverdome was the first to be played indoors in World Cup history.
Before the tournament Pele predicted that Columbia would win the World Cup , but they were a waning side plagued by domestic problems and went out at the first stage.
Maradonna made his final World Cup appearance- suspended for drug misuse he left fans with memories of outstanding brilliance and plenty of controversy.

An iconic image, taken from a blimp above the stadium, Taffarel ecstatic, Baggio despondent.

A couple of posts ago I made reference to an Airfix battle. When I was a boy Airfix models were an important part of my life. I collected the soldiers.In fact I still have a sweet jar somewhere full of them. I was never very good at building the ships, aeroplanes, tanks etc but I did have a few.
Airfix was founded in 1939 by a Hungarian businessman Nicholas Kove,initially manufacturing inflatables. In 1947, Airfix undertook their first ventures in injection moulding, producing pocket combs. The first models,for the promotion of Ferguson tractors,appeared in 1949.The model was sold in kit form by Woolworth’s .
In 1954 Airfix produced a model kit of The Golden Hind. The first aircraft kit was released in 1955, a model of the Supermarine Spitfire.
During the 1960s and 1970s, the company expanded greatly and The Airfix range expanded to include all manner of things; soldiers, knights, cowboys, animals…

Between 1966 and 1968 NBC produced a TV series of Tarzan, in which Ron Ely played the King of the Jungle. There was, however, no Jane, but Diana Ross did make a guest appearance as a nun!

The series was filmed in Mexico and Brazil, but for those fans who wished to re enact the drama in dense jungles of their own back gardens, Airfix came up with the following set:

Ron Ely

Various Africans

Scenes of mild peril…

Good guys…

Cheetah and Jai

No idea