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Category Archives: Gal Costa

This is the loveliest record in the Kartoshka vault…

Released in 1967, Domingo (Sunday) was the album debut of both Caetano Veloso (b.1942) and Gal Costa (b.1945). In 1965 Costa had recorded a duet with Veloso’s sister, Maria Bethânia, as well as an EP, Maria da Graça (her given names) , but this was Veloso’s first record. Veloso (his actual family name, Velloso appears on the cover of this record, but he has used the single ‘l’ variant from then on) went on to take a leading role in the development of Tropicalismo, but Domingo is a subdued work in the Bossa Nova style. Unsurprisingly Veloso’s musical idol was Joao Gilberto.
A former student of philosophy, Veloso is a political activist who was imprisoned and exiled by Brazil’s military dictatorship, and has been described as The Bob Dylan of Brazil (although he can sing and play).