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Category Archives: John d Green

Mrs Kartoshka is coming! So I give up cigarettes for a month-starting today. It’s a part of our relationship. If we travel I don’t want to spend hours on a train or an aeroplane itching for a smoke, so I give up about a fortnight before, convinced that by the time she’s here the craving will be ‘out of my system’.

In truth I’m already looking forward to the nauseating rush of smoking my next cigarette on the 16th May.

Before I am accused of old-school chauvinism I should point out that this is taken directly from the cover of the book, which was published in 1967:
Miniskirts and the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and now the Birds. That means girls–feathery and soft, swinging and defiantly independent…Who is the London girl? John d Green and his associates went through the agonies of choice, and here are fifty-five, not one of which is the typical girl. The beauty of this incandescent maelstrom is that each bird is pretty in her own individual way…Julie Christie, Susannah York, Dusty Springfield, ‘Charley’ Rampling, Marianne Faithful…Many represent the bewildering and fast-changing world of media: films, records, fashion photography, television, and theatre…

One of the TV highlights of the 1960’s was the immaculate espionage series The Champions– and Alexandra Bastedo was responsible for much of the programmes appeal.


This iconic image of Alexandra comes from a much sought after book, The Birds of Britain– photographs by John d Green.
This book regularly sells for $200- i’ll be posting some of the shots here in the next few weeks.