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Putumayo World Music label, founded in 1993, grew out of Putumayo clothing company. to quote their website: the label has become known primarily for its upbeat and melodic compilations of great international music characterized by the company’s motto: “guaranteed to make you feel good!”
This LP features contemporary acts.

Quarteto-Jobim-Morelenbaum –

This quartet consists of cellist-arranger Jacques Morelenbaum (who played with Antonio Carlos Jobim) his wife, vocalist Paula; Jobim’s son, pianist Daniel; and his grandson Paulo on guitar.

Da Lata a British band.

Jairzinho Oliveira– Paulista former child TV star (b 1975)

Jussara Silveira– from Salvador in Bahia, Jussara has also recorded classical music- the songs of Schubert. b 1951

Moreno Veloso + 2 (composed of Moreno Veloso, Alexandre Kassin and Domênico Lancelotti Moreno Veloso is a Brazilian musician and singer (b 1972) in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. He is the son of Caetano Veloso.

Jorge Aragão (b. 1949) is a multi instrumentalist working in the genres of samba and pagode.

Eliete Negreiros released her first solo LP in 1982 , previously singing with various MPB bands.. A philosophy graduate and ambassador for Brazillian music.

Moska /Paulinho Moska(Paulo Corrêa de Araujo), (b 1967) Singer/guitarist/songwriter/ actor/ tv presenter from RDJ. He was a pioneer of fusion of MPB with electronica.

Rosa Passos(b 1952) From Bahia. Sometimes called ‘The Female Joao Gilberto’

Rita Ribeiro (b 1966)Draws from a wide range of styles(reggae, samba, funk, as well as the traditional music of Maranhão, her home state in the interior of the country. Rita was born June 13, 1966 in São Benedito do Rio Preto, a city in the interior of Maranhão.

Márcio Faraco is a guitarist from Rio Grande do Sul who is based in Paris, France.

Here’s the LP: