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Category Archives: Nechitailo

Vasili Kirillovich Nechitailo (Василий Кириллович Нечитайло) was born near Rostov-on-Don, in 1915. He was an academically grounded painter, studying at the Surikov Institute. During The Great Patriotic War (1941-45) Nechitailo was amongst the artists evacuated to Samarkand, (now Uzbekistan) – far away from any danger from the advancing Germans. The rationale for this was that the Soviet Government considered these young artists to be ‘cultural assets’ and desired to protect them from possible harm. Returning to Moscow when the tide of war turned in the favour of The Soviets, Nechitailo eventually graduated in 1944. It was only then that he began to exhibit. Following this 13 years of formal artistic training he himself later embarked on an 8 year career as a teacher at the Surikov Institute. Nechitailo died in Moscow in 1980.
Rather than inexpertly write about Nechitailo’s style I’ll just let this selection of paintings speak for themselves.

Study of a Man (1949)

Lubotchka the Postlady (1958-1959)

Girl with an apple (195?)

Team Leader (1965)

Blue Shadows(1976)