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Category Archives: Sergio Mendes

The bossa nova phenomenon reached the United States via Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd’s Jazz Samba LP. A Brazilian diplomat who wanted to promote the country’s musical accomplishments abroad hit on the idea of putting on a major bossa nova concert at New York’s Carnegie Hall.
The show, in November of 1962, featured a mouth watering array of Brazilian musicians (Jobim, Bonfa, Sergio Mendes, Joao Gilberto, Milton Banana…), but the concert was not a critical success. The Brazilians did not take too well to November in the Northern Hemisphere. Brazilian critics disapproved of the use of English translations. However, the Carnegie Hall concert succeeded in raising the profile of Brazilian writers and performers- Bonfa and Mendes became long term USA residents whilst Jobim enjoyed collaborations with a host of American performers.
This concert has been reissued on CD a couple of times, but I don’t think that it’s currently available.

From what I can tell this LP is a reissue of material from the Brasil 65 era of Mendes’ career.
This is pretty straight Bossa Nova, rather than the lush pop of Mendes’ later material, when he became synonymous with the easy listening Bossa Nova that was exported as cool cats’ lounge music in the swinging sixties.
Mendes was based in the USA from 1964 onwards, but the sound here is as Brazilian as anything you could care to mention. Wanda De Sah provides fantastic vocals.
Gorgeous LP, gorgeous sleeve.