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…of which here is the first:
Uruguay 1930.Bolivia, who went into the tournament having never won an international game, had an eventful time. Keen to pay tribute to their hosts they played their opening match wearing shirts each emblazoned with a single letter, spelling Viva Uruguay.
In this opening fixture against Yugoslavia Bolivia had four goals disallowed and were down to 10 men after 55 mins. Yugoslavia
prevailed by four goals to nil.

As you can see from the picture(which I’m guessing was taken after the match, with Gomez, the injured player accounting for the missing ‘U’?)the Bolivians also sported some interesting headwear.
Their next opponents were Brazil, definitely a case of ‘come on you whites’ as both teams bizarrely wore identical shirts for much of the first half. Bolivia swapped their shirts but their fortunes were unchanged, Brazil running out four nil winners.
The tournament was over for Bolivia, still without an international win to their name. For their coach, Ulises Saucedo, however, there was more action to come, as he refereed the match between Argentina and Mexico!
Uruguay went on to defeat neighbours Argentina in the final- a game in which the match ball was changed from an Argentinian model to a Uruguayan one for the second half.
Strange days indeed…