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The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there
This is the opening line of The Go-Between ,a novel by L.P. Hartley (1895 – 1972), published in 1953.
I’ve decided to drop the Bossa Nova reference from the title of the blog because it was becoming misleading. There will still be Bossa Nova posts on here, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to source music that is not widely available on other sites (
Loronix for example). This is not to suggest that Joao Kartoshka’s love of Bossa Nova genre was insincere or fleeting, but rather that it was the tip of an iceberg in terms of his fascination for popular culture of the recent past.
I would hesitate to call this a nostalgia site, as we must remember
the development of new ideas and the quest for change is a positive force in life.


  1. May the force be with you always………you have a fantastic blog,and your Bossa posts were an education…..and the football pen pictures a great reminder…Thats all,so get nostalgic,and develop….and and and….Just keep up this amazing site !Niall

  2. Niall- thank you for your kind words. I hope that you continue to enjoy reading, watching and listening.Best wishes.JK

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